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 2711-NL9 LED Upgrade Kit for Allen Bradley PanelView 1000

2711-NL9 LED Upgrade Kit for Allen Bradley PanelView 1000

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  • LED Upgrade Kit for:2711-NL9 Allen bradley PanelView 1000
New 2711-NL9 LED Upgrade Kit (Version 1) for Allen Bradley PanelView 1000. 90 days warranty.
Are you tired of constantly replacing CCFL backlight lamp again, again and again? When the situation has no time for downtime. 2711-NL9 is original equipped with dual CCFL lamps. To extend 2711-NL9’s life and improving its performance, upgrading to 2711-NL9 LED kit seems to be the best option. It is easy to install, no technical skill require, anyone can do it!
LED has a longer lifespan typically lasting over 100,000 hours(last 10X longer than CCFL). Being solid state devices, LED will perform exactly as when they were manufactured as opposed to CCFL which loose light output continuously over their life – up to 50%.
New LED upgrade kit comes with a small, compact LED driver MS610UB (replace old inverter), it could be mount anywhere on of LCD screen or on the chassis. To fire up LED backlight, All you need to do it connecting positive ( +12 ~ 24V DC) to Red wires and Negative (Ground) to Black wires. This DC supply voltage can be found on your existing inverter wire harness. Easy to install! Anyone can do it!

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