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LCD Display Solution

MoniServ Inc – your LCD display solution provider
Cannot find LCD controller for your LCD screen? We can help!
We support many types of LCD screen interface, such as TTL, LVDS, eDP, DP and MIPI.
Simply email us ( your requirements and type of LCD screen that you have(LCD datasheet. too. If it is available), we will modify our current available board and driver to make it work!
4K LCD Controller MS643LC - Company logo and name can be display at start up
Compatible with all eDP interface L CD Screens up to 17.3 inch:
1920X1080 (120Hz), 2048X1536 1536X2048, 2160X1440 2560X1600(120Hz), 2560X1440(120Hz), 2880X1800, 3200X1800, 3880X1800, 3840X2160 (60Hz)
Looking for LCD Display solution for your new project?
Please email us your requirements. Such resolution, screen size and input source.