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LST05-V3 eDP LCD screen tester

LST05-V3 eDP LCD screen tester

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  • New Features for V3:Can test MacBook and Surface book
LST05-V3, LCD screen tester (for testing eDP/embedded Display Port interface). With its built-in Color bar generator, it can test resolution from 1280X800 to 3840X2160. Two screen wires harness are included, so you can test all eDP interface LCD screens. With additional wire adapters (Listed below), it allows you to test iPAD, iPAD Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Surface book, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4. Plug and play! LST05 Dimension: 155mmX115mmX25mm
Key features:
Single Chip Computer:
Using a single chip computer to control 24 resolutions from 1280X880 to 3840X2160.
Color bar Generator: Press button + or - to change color bar pattern. Press auto pattern button to set it auto change.
Change Mode
+ button (Close to Dispaly) change single digit from 0-9
+ button (below first + button) change double digit from 10-90
Panel B+:
To change panel supply voltage, press button Auto pattern button for 5 second. When power is disconnect, B+ will reset back to 3.3V. This is very helpful, especially after you have test a 12V B+ LCD screen, then immediately test 3.3V LCD screen.
Shorted Circuit Protection:
When Panel B+ is short, such as using a wrong screen wire harness, LED display will be display “A1” and you will also hear a loud warning sound. LST05 will shut down immediately by itself. To reset LST05, disconnect 12V DC jack and reconnect it back.
VGA Input:
You can apply special test pattern to test LCD screen. Color bar generator will auto turn off when external signal apply to VGA Input connector.
VGA Output:
This is for people who wants to apply special test pattern to compare between good screen and test screen. Both LCD screen are display the exact pattern.

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