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  • Retrofit CNC Monitor: Last 10X longer then CCFL back light lamp
MS121R43CNCU is a universal replacement to replacing old 14” CRT CNC monitor(All compatible brand and model are listed at the bottom of the page)*. It supports all format of old CNC CRT monitor from MDA (Mono chrome), CGA, EGA and RGB. MS121R43CNCU had upgraded to our UB54 sunlight readable LED kit. It will last 10 times longer than CCFL backlight. It comes with all parts that you need to upgrade from old CRT to LCD, the only thing you need to do is to determine where the signals go on the mating connector (DB9) of your old CRT. We can also help you to identify them if you email us few images about your old CRT wire harness( Easy to install, anyone can do it! It comes with 1 year warranty.

MS121R43CNCU is compatible with the following makes and model

Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models:
Manufacturer Original Model CRT Size CNC Equipment
 Cincinnati Milacron  3-424-2073A  14" CRT (C)  Cincinnati Milacron 850SX
 Cincinnati Milacron  Acramatic 850  14" CRT (C)  Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850
 Heidenhain  BC-110B  14" CRT (M)  Heidenhain TNC 407, TNC 410, TNC 415, TNC 416, TNC 425, TNC 426, TNC430
 Heidenhain  BE-412B  14" CRT (C)  Heidenhain TNC 355
 Heidenhain  MC 14018U-780B  14" CRT (C)  Heidenhain Mill Plus
 Hitachi  C14C-2520  14" CRT (C)  Hitachi Mark 100
 Hitachi  TX-1424AD  14" CRT (C)  Hitachi Secos Series
 Matsushita  C-5470NS  14" CRT (C)  Mitsubishi Mildas and Quickturn Controls
 Matsushita  TX-1404FH  14" CRT (C)  Mazak L32
 Matsushita  TX-1424  14" CRT (C)  Fanuc 10 and 11 Series
 Matsushita  TX-1424AB  14" CRT (C)  Fanuc 10 and 11 Series
 Matsushita  TX-1424AD  14" CRT (C)  Hitachi Secos Series
 Matsushita  TX-1425FHD  14" CRT (C)  Fanuc System Series
 Matsushita  TX-1450AB  14" CRT (C)  Fanuc 15 Series
 Matsushita   TX-1450AB5 14" CRT (C)  Fanuc 15 Series
 Mazak  26S-14019C  14" CRT (C)  Mitsubishi based Quickturn Controls
 Mazak  26S-14019L  14" CRT (C)  Mitsubishi based Quickturn Controls
 Mitsubishi  C-5470NS  14" CRT (C)  Mitsubishi VMC MPA-H50B J5162
 Omni Vision  E14DC-ZL-REV.1  14" CRT (C)  Mazak
 Omni Vision  FP12B4G0-ZA  14" CRT (C)  Fanuc 6, 10, 11 and 12 Series
 Totoku  CDT14111B  14" CRT (C)  
 Z-Axis  V21404023  14" CRT (C)  

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