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Manufacturer LCD Screen Size LED Upgrade Kit
Allen Bradley 2711-NL9 10.4" 2711-NL9+DISENA
AUO G104VN01-V1 10.4" SB44220LED2165
AUO G121SN01-V4 12.1" SB44255LED24651R7
AUO G150XG01-V3 15" SB44318LED3265L
AUO M150XN05-V3 15" UB54318LED8020X2+235
HannStar HSD150SX82 15" UB54318LED8020X1
HannStar HSD150SX84 15" UB36318LED6420X2
Mitsubishi AA121XH01 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
Mitsubishi AA150XC01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
Mitsubishi AA150XC03 15" UB54318LED8020X2
NEC 104LHS-LED 10.4" 104LHS-LED
NEC NL6448AC30-10 9.4" LB40222LED42X1+MS511EXT
NEC NL6448AC33-24 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+DISENA
NEC NL6448BC33-31 10.4 UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+DISENA
NEC NL6448BC33-49 10.4" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
NEC NL6448BC33-54 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT
NEC NL6448BC33-59 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT
NEC NL6448BC33-64 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT
NEC NL8060AC26-11 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+DISENA
NEC NL8060BC26-28 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT
NEC NL8060BC26-30D 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT
NEC NL8060BC31-17 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
NEC NL8060BC31-41D 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1+MS623EXT
NEC NL10276BC24-13 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1+MS623EXT
NEC NL10276BC30-04D 15" UB54318LED8020X2
NEC NL10276BC30-15 15" UB36318LED6420X2
NEC NL10276BC30-18C 15" UB54318LED8020X2+MS624EXT
NEC NL10276BC30-34D 15" SB44318LED32651R5+MS534EXT
Pro-face UF6610-2-1 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1+MS235EXT
Pro-face UT3-JAG4-L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+30+MS530EXT
Samsung LTM121SI-T01 12" UB54255LED6420X1
Sharp LQ9D340H 8.4" UB35145LED2815X1+MS610UB
Sharp LQ104S1DG21 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
Sharp LQ104V1DW01 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
Sharp LQ121S1DG21 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
Sharp LQ150X1LW73 15" UB54318LED8020X2
Sharp LQ150X1LG92 15" SB44318LED3265
Sharp LQ150X1DG11 15" UB54318LED8020X2
Toshiba LTD121C30S 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
Toshiba LTM12C289 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
Toshiba LTM15C423S 15" UB54318LED8020X1
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