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Posted by Benson on 3/14/2017 to Wire Adapter
 6 pin 2.0mm to 8 pin 1.25mm Molex for MS456UB, MS610UB and MS615UB


Posted by Benson on 3/1/2017 to Sunlight Readable LCD
MS104R43NECLEDX1 is a direct replacement for all 10.4 NEC LCD screens that has 640X480 resolutions with TTL interface(All compatible model are listed below)

NEC 104PW03F new LED Driver

Posted by Benson on 1/9/2017 to LED Kit
104PW03F, this new NEC LED driver is compatible with NL6448BC20-30D, NL6448BC20-21D , NL6448BC33-70,  NL6448BC33-70C , NL6448BC33-70D , NL6448BC33-71D and NL6448BC33-71F.

MS055W169SKD, 5.5" SKD Kit

Posted by Benson on 12/10/2016 to SKD Kit

5.5" SKD Kit for VR application. 

MS610UB-V0 New LED Driver

Posted by Benson on 11/29/2016 to LED Kit
MS610UB-V0 New LED Driver
MS610UB is our newest LED driver that custom design for 12.1 inch or smaller LCD panels. It is small and compact. It can be mount anywhere.
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