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15 inch Touch Screen for Elo, MS150Utouch+MS676EXT

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  • Industrial grade:just plug and play!
This brand new touch screen is designed for the brand and model that listed below. MS676EXT wire adapter is included. Plug and play! It is easy to install! Anyone can do it!
Compatible with the following Manufacturer's LCD Screen:
Manufacturer Model Number Original touch glass
Elo ET1537L N/A
Elo ET1537L-AUWA-1-G E967542
Elo ET1537L-7CWA-1-G N/A
Elo ET1537L-7CWA-1-NPB-G E500979
Elo ET1537L-8CWA-1-NPB-G E221757
Elo ET1537L-8CWA-1-G N/A
Elo ET1537L-7CWA-1-G N/A