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65PW01F, LED Driver

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  • Brand new substitute:Plug and Play!
This Brand new substitute for 65PW01F (SHR-08V-S_50MAMS610UB4R7). a wire adapter is included. Just plug and Play! 90 days warranty. Easy to install! Anyone can do it!
65PW01F (SHR-08V-S_50MAMS610UB4R7) is compatible with the following Manufacturer's LCD Screen:
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-30
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-30D
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-30F
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-35
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-35D

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