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A02B-0222-C053_LCD_CCFL 8.4" Replacement LCD Screen, New CCFL Lamps installed

Your Price: $335.99
Discontinued. It is replaced by FANUC-LCD084DENAD1
  • Discontinued:It is replaced by FANUC-LCD084DENAD1
A02B-0222-C053(CCFL lamp version) is discontinued. It is replaced by MS084RUBDF931D1+DISENA
This refurbished Replacement LCD screen for Fanuc A02B-0222-C053. New CCFL lamps installed. 90 days warranty.
Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models:
Manufacturer Original Model CRT Size CNC Equipment
 Fanuc  A02B-0222-C053  8.4" LCD  A16B-3300-0035/03B

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