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Posted by Benson on 12/28/2017 to Inverter Pinout
The defective NEC HBL015 CCFL Backlight inverter will cause the following symptoms:
No images on LCD screen, but by using a flash light to shine on the surface of LCD screen, all contents are still visible. Image comes on in fraction of seconds and it disappear
In most cases, replacing defective HBL015 may not solve the problem, because the defective HBL015 is cause by bad CCFL lamps. So, when replacing HBL015 inverter, you also need to replace old CCFL lamp, too.
However, the most cost effective solution will be upgrading to our LED Backlight kits. To extend NEC LCD Screen’s life and improving its performance, upgrading to our LB Series LED backlight kit seems to be the best option. It is easy to install, no technical skill require, no soldering require, anyone can do it!
LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours (last 10X longer than CCFL).
This LED upgrade kit included the following items:
1 LED strip (Replacing CCFL Lamp)
1 LED driver (Replacing Defective HBL015)
1 wire adapter (Connect HBL015’s wire harness directly into our LED driver)
LED Upgrade kit for NEC HBL015 inverter is listed below.

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