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Refurbished INV970L4B_2LV2.3 inverter. 90 days warranty.
In most cases, replacing defective INV970L4B_2LV2.3 in LTM150XI-A01 may not solve the problem, because the defective INV970L4B_2LV2.3 is caused by bad CCFL lamps. So, when replacing INV970L4B_2LV2.3 inverter, you also need to replace four CCFL lamps, too.
However, the most cost effective solution will be upgrading to our LED Backlight kits. To extend Samsung LTM150XI-A01 life and improving its performance, upgrading to UB54 Series is best option.
LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours (last 10X longer than CCFL).
This LED upgrade kit included the following items:
2 LED strip (Replacing 4 CCFL Lamps).
1 LED driver (Replacing Defective INV970L4B_2LV2.3)
1 color coded 6 pin pigtails
LED Upgrade kit for Samsung LTM150XI-A01 with INV970L4B_2LV2.3 inverter is listed below.

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