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LED Backlight Kit
LED Backlight Kit


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LED backlight strip for 5” LCD Screen

How to connect to UB Series LED driver

This LED backlight kit comes with MS456UB driver. MS456UB LED driver is a custom build DC to DC converter to replacing your existing CCFL lamp inverter. It accepts input voltage between 10.5V to 24V DC. Connecting the inverter wire to MS456UB is not that difficult if you know your inverter’s pin assignment. Here is a procedure:

  • Identify the inverter's part number
  • Obtain the inverter's pin assignment**
  • Connect DC Supply Positive to "VIN"
  • Connect DC Supply Ground to "GND"
  • Connect Enable to "ENA"(2.5-3.5V DC On)
  • Connect Dimming to "ADJ"(0-3.2V)*