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Posted by Benson on 10/17/2019 to Sunlight Readable LCD
LQ9D011 is very old LCD screen that is discontinued(obsolete). However, LQ9D011 is still available on the worldwide web. The condition of Sharp LQ9D011 varies widely. Such as are listed it as new, good, used and refurbished. Unfortunately, because of its aged. Sharp LQ9D011 is NOT RELIABLE at all. LQ9D011 will cause all kinds of problems in a short time period after replacement.
By analysis the failure of old Sharp LQ9D011, our engineers had come up with a better solution. Which is a lot more dependable replacement for Sharp LQ9D011(Part Number is SHARP-LCD084DENAD1). 1 year Warranty. We ship worldwide.
This refurbished Sharp LQ9D011 had upgrade to our sunlight readable LED kit. Simply swap out your defective Sharp LQ9D011, you now have sunlight readable LCD display. It is easy to install. Just connecting +12V (or 24V DC) to Red wire and power ground to Black wire. That is it! Anyone can do it! 1 Year warranty.

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