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LSR2306511LED212RR+DISENA+2S, Allen Bradley PanelView 1000, 1500 nits

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Discontinued. It is replaced by LS230R2RRD+MS657EXT
  • Sunlight readable LED upgrade kit :Up to 1500 nits
LSR2306511LED212RR+DISENA+2S is discontinued. It is replaced by Discontinued. It is replaced by LS230R2RRD+MS657EXT
This super bright LED upgrade kit is custom design for Allen Bradley PanelView 1000. All compatible models are listed below. By simply swap out with this LED upgrade kit, now you have sunlight readable HMI monitor. It will last 10X longer then CCFL lamp. It is easy to install. No soldering requires. Anyone can do it!
Carefully insert red wire terminal into Pin 3 and Black wire terminal to pin 4
Caution: Pin 1 is close to black heat sink as shown on photo above