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Posted by Benson on 5/7/2019
How to test eDP LCD screen
Connect +12V Dc AC-DC Adapter
Connect Screen wire harness to LCD screen(LST05-30P or LST05-40P)
Press S1 and S2 to select resolution (Refer to resolution chart that located at the bottom of LST05-V4)
Press Red Button to turn ON LST05-V4
Press PgUp or PaDn to select test pattern
Changing B+:
Press Red button once to Turn Off LST05, Press down S5 button for 5 seconds, then change to 5V or 12V
Changing LED Driver output current A2
A2 is for LCD screen that use external LED driver. . It is for adjusting output current. By default, it is 120ma. Press S5 to adjust output current if you are suing an external LED driver

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