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Posted by Benson on 9/3/2019
LQ9D011 is discontinued. It is replaced by MS084RUBDF931D1
This refurbished Sharp LQ9D011 had upgrade to our sunlight readable LED kit. Simply swap out your defective Sharp LQ9D011, you now have sunlight readable LCD display. It is easy to install. Just connecting +12V (or 24V DC) to Red wire and power ground to Black wire. That is it! Anyone can do it! 1 Year warranty.
General Specifications:
Item Unit Specifications
Screen Size [inch] 8.4
Native Resolution 640 X 480
Active Area [mm] 170.9(H) X 129.6(V)
Outline dimension [mm] 242.5(W) X 179.4(H) X 8.2(D)
Bolt Hole Dimension [mm] 132.6 X 166.6
Input Voltage VDD [Volt] 5.0V
Screen Wire Harness DF13-15P/DF13-6P
Electrical Interface TTL (6-bit)
White Luminance [cd/m2] 800 (LED)
Contrast Ratio 1:1000
BackLight Connector 2.0MM X 4
Backlight Inverter N/A
Response time, Rising msec 30
Response time, Falling msec 50
Viewing Angle - Horizontal degree 45
Viewing Angle - Vertical degree 30

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