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Posted by Benson on 6/1/2020 to Instructions
MS094RUBILZ34D1 is a direct replacement for 9.4” NEC NL6448AC30-10 LCD screen. MS094RUBILZ34D1 has a much better image quality and it is much brighter than old NEC NL6448AC30-10 LCD screen. Wider viewing angle and faster response time then old NEC NL6448AC30-10 LCD screen. It has upgraded our Sunlight Readable LED Kit and MS094RUBILZ34D1 will last 10X longer than CCFL lamps. It is easy to install! Anyone can do it! 1 year warranty!
Installation takes about 15 minutes.
Disconnect Screen wire harness on NEC NL6448AC30-10 LCD screen
Remove old NEC NL6448AC30-10 LCD and mount MS094RUBILZ34D1 back to the same location
Connect Screen wire harness to MS094RUBILZ34D1
MS094RUBILZ34D1 has the same interface connector, dimension and screw hole as the LCD screens that are listed below.
MS094RUBILZ34D1 included the following items:
New 8.4 inch LCD screen ( it has upgraded to Sunlight Readable LED kit)
Compatible with the following Manufacturer's LCD Screen:
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen
Fanuc 9.4" A61L-0001-0138
NEC 9.4" NL6448AC30-06
NEC 9.4" NL6448AC30-10

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