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Posted by Benson on 5/4/2017 to LED Kit
By analysis the failure of the previous version, our engineers had come up with a better circuit design which is a lot more dependable.
First, we had eliminate dip switch, although our return rate is less than 0.8% on last 5 years, dip switch does give us some troubles, such as the bad contacts, especially, when MS456UB uses in an extreme condition. Such as high humidity environment. High humidity will cause the dip switch contacts be oxidizing.
Second, increasing value of C2, by increasing the value of C2, MS456UB-V7 will perform much better in a high temperature environment.
Note: The setting of MS456UB-V7 is the same as MS456UB-V6
Starting on 5/22/2017, All LED upgrade kits that comes with MS456UB-V6 before will be replacing by MS456UB-V7

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