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Posted by Benson on 9/18/2019 to LED Kit
MS456UB-V8 is originally designed to drive our UB, XB and SB series LED upgrade kits. MS456UB also compatible with LCD screen from 12.1” to 24” that originally equipped with its manufacturer's LED strip. MS456UB-V8 can drive LED strip up to 55V DC (20Watt)
Pin Out:
By Default. the pin out on CN1 is P1/P2/=VIN, P3/P5=GND, P4=ADJ/PWM, P6=ENA
Option Pin Out:
On CN1 by change few jumper setting and it can be re-configured to:
By default, MS456UB-V8 is set to Analog control (0~3.5V DC, 0V =Max).
It also can be re-configured to PWM control. Shorted JP4 and remove R7. That is it!
Please click here to down load MS456UB-V8 Specification
MS456UB-V8 Jumpers

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