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MS610UB-V0 New LED Driver

Posted by Benson on 11/29/2016 to LED Kit
MS610UB-V0 New LED Driver
MS610UB, our newest LED driver; It is custom design for 12.1 inch or smaller industrial LED screen. MS610UB is small and compact that you can mount it anywhere on the back of LCD by using a double side tape. MS610UB can driver both UB and XB series LED strips.
Dimension: 80mm (3.15") X 20mm (0.79") X 6.60mm (0.26")
Disable Enable
On CN1, add a piece of wire or solder between VIN and ENA. That’s it! Then just apply DC voltage to VIN(Positive) and negative to GND (power Ground). 
All our LED kits part numbers that ending with MS610UB included a MS610UB Driver.

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