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Discontinued. It is replaced by newer version of MS610UB
MS610UB-V1 is discontinued. It is replaced by newer version of MS610UB
How to connect MS610UB to the existing inverter wire harness:
The easiest way would be when VIN (+12V) is short to ENA (CN1 connector, as shown above, +12V DC Supply voltage). Just simply apply VIN (Red wire, 12V – 24V DC) and GND (Black) to MS610UB. Note: Most of 10.4” NEC inverters do not have ENA. For an example: NEC inverter 104PWBR1does not have ENA.
For +24V DC supply voltage, after shorted VIN(+24V ) to ENA, you do need to add a resistor (between 2K to 3K) on top of C4 as shown above
However, in most of case, you do need to connect “ENA” to turn LED backlight On/Off because 12V DC is always present at VIN, even when unit has powered off. Pin out are printed on MS610UB as shown on first photo above.

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