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MS615UB - LED Driver

Posted by Benson on 8/2/2017 to Instructions
MS615UB is design to driver our UB60, UB70 and UB100 Series LED upgrade kits that they are for 17 inch, 18.1 inch, 19 inch and 22 inch industrial LCD screens. MS615UB generate a much less heat than MS456UB while LDE strip remains sunlight readable environment. MS615UB has the exact dimension and mounting hole as MS456UB. There are 5 build-in jumpers allow you to easily configure to different size of LED strip. However, you do not need to worry about it, because, it is set when you purchase LED kit with MS615UB. 

Starting on 8/15/2017, All LED upgrade kits that comes with MS456UB-V7 before will be replacing by MS615UB-V0

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