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MS662UB, DC to DC step up converter

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MS662EXT. This LED driver is Designed for 10.4 inch or smaller LCD screens that original equipped with CCFL lamps or their manufacture’s LED strip. It depends on the type of LCD screens. The output voltage is up to 55V DC with 8 Watt.
How to connect MS610UB to the existing inverter wire harness:
There is a 6 pin connector on MS662UB. The pin out (Printed on components side). Pin1/Pin2=VIN (+5V ~ 12V DC). P5/P6=GND (Power Ground). P4=ADJ (Brightness adjustment, N/C no connection), P3=ENA (On/Off). You will find all these DC voltage from your existing inverter wire harness and apply to MS662UB

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