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NEC LCD2090UXi-BK , Upgraded to Sunlight Readable LED backlight

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Refurbished NEC LCD2090UXi-BK, 90 days warranty
NEC LCD2090UXi-BK, one of the most popular LCD panels in a medical industrial application. This 20 inch NEC LCD2090UXi-BK is originally equipped with 6 CCFL backlight lamps. To extend its life and improve its performance, upgrading it to our UB60420LED5020X2+MS664EXT LED kit is the best option. As they are a solid state semiconductor device, LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours.
Six pin pigtail connector is included. It is easy to Install! Anyone can do it!
LED upgrade kit for NEC LCD2090UXi-BK is Listed below

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