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Posted by benson on 1/5/2018 to Instructions
Are you tired of constantly replacing CCFL backlight lamp again, again and again? When the situation has no time for downtime. NEC NL10276BC30-18C, one of the most popular LCD screen in an industrial control application. This 15 inch NEC NL10276BC30-18C is originally equipped with dual CCFL backlight lamp. To extend its life and improving its performance, upgrading to UB Series LED backlight seems to be the best option. A wire adapter is included. It is easy to install, no technical skill require, no soldering require, anyone can do it!
LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours (last 10X longer than CCFL). Being solid state devices, LED will perform exactly as when they were manufactured as opposed to CCFL which loose light output continuously over their life – up to 50%.
Available replacement parts and LED Upgrade kit for NEC NL10276BC30-18C are listed below

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