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NEC NL8048AC21-01F, one of the most popular LCD screen in an industrial control application. This 8.0 inch NEC NL8048AC21-01F is originally equipped with LED backlight.
General Specifications:
Item Unit Specifications
Screen Size [inch] 8.0
Native Resolution 800 X 480
Active Area [mm] 174.0(H) X 104.4(V)
Outline dimension [mm] 192.0(W) X 122.0(H) X 8.9(D)
Bolt Hole Dimension [mm] 132.6 X 166.6
Input Voltage VDD [Volt] 3.3V
Screen Wire Harness DF14-20P-1LVDS-R
Electrical Interface LVDS (6-bit)
White Luminance [cd/m2] 1000
Contrast Ratio 800:1
BackLight Connector FI-S6S, 6 Pin 1.25mm (MS606EXT)
Backlight Inverter P1/P2=+12V, P3/P4=GND, P5=ENA, P6=PWM
Response time, Rising msec N/A
Response time, Falling msec N/A
Viewing Angle - Horizontal degree 80
Viewing Angle - Vertical degree 80

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