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Pro-face 2780027-02(GP577R-TC41-24VP) 10.4" Sunlight Readable

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Pro-face 2780027-02(GP577R-TC41-24VP) , one of the most popular HMI monitors. This Pro-face 2880045-01 is originally equipped with a dual CCFL backlight lamps LCD panel. To extend its life and improve its performance, ungraded to UB54 Series LED backlight is the best option.
UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB+235 is LED backlight kit for Pro-face 2780027-02(GP577R-TC41-24VP) 10.4 inch HMI monitor. A wire adapter is included, so, you can plug in your existing inverter wire harness directly to our LED driver. It is easy to install, no technical skill required, no soldering required, anyone can do it!

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