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SB44318X11R5L+MS534EXT, For 15" LCD originally equipped with LED backlight, 1300 nits

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Discontinued. it is replace by LSR3206011LED321R5L+MS534EXT
  • Sunlight readable LED upgrade kit :up to 1300 nits and higher
SB44318LED32651R5+MS534EXT is discontinued. it is replace by LSR3206011LED321R5L+MS534EXT
SB44318LED32651R5 LED upgrade kit is designed for 15 inch LCD screens that originally equipped with its manufacturer LED strip. By simply swap it out, now you have sunlight readable LCD screen. A wire adapter is included, so you can plug the exiting LED wire harness directly into MS610UB LED Driver.
This Kit comes with one LED strip and one LED driver. It is easy to install! Anyone can do it!