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SB70390LED4257X1+MS456UB+25, For AUO 17.3" G173HW01-V0 LCD Screen

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  • Sunlight readable LED upgrade kit :Up to 1500 nits
 AUO G173HW01-V0, one of the most popular LCD screen in an industrial control and medical applications. This 17.3 inch AUO G173HW01-V0 is originally equipped with AUO’s LED backlight which has typically 400 nits (based on G173HW01-V0’s datasheet). By upgrading to our SB series LED kit, it could reach 800 nits or higher. It is easy to install, no technical skill require, anyone can do it!
Most of CCFL backlight inverters have the following functions
VIN(Supply Voltage), GND (Power ground), ENA (Enable or ON/Off) and ADJ (brightness adjustment)
MS456UB comes with a 6 pin pig tails wires connector, it is color coded: Red=VIN, Yellow=ENA, White=ADJ and Black=GND
However, some of inverters do not have ENA (Enable voltage), such as NEC inverter 104PWBR1 and 121PW111. To disable ENA,
Compatible with the following Manufacturer's LCD Screen: 104V1DG62
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen
AUO 17.3" G173HW01-V0

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