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UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT for 10.4" LCD Screen

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  • Sunlight readable LED upgrade kit :Last 10X longer than CCFL lamps
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This sunlight readable UB35 Series LED backlight kit is a custom design for 10.4" single or dual Lamps LCD screen that UB54 Series cannot be mount due to limited space. Please see the listed models at the bottom of the page. This kit also comes with MS610UB LED driver. Easy to install, no technical skill require, no soldering require, anyone can do it! It comes with a wire adapter that can be directly plug-in to the following inverters: 104PW161, 104PW191, 104PW201, 150PW331, AC8-V2-1694, CXA-0308, CXA-0474, AC3-12-1653, DMA22734F, DMC4239F, DMC42939, DMD42880, FLCV-07, LXM1611-01, LXM1612-12-XX, LXM1624-12-6X, LXM1626-12-64, LXM1623-12-6X, LXM1620, LXM1612-12-XX, LXM1617-05-4X. LXMG1627-12-4X, PCU-P267 and QF173V1