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Posted by Benson on 11/24/2017 to Inverter Pinout
121PW111-B, One of the most popular back light inverter that uses in NEC 12.1 inch LCD screens. The supply voltage is 12V DC and it uses a negative enable. Which is mean when there is no connection on pin3 (CN3), It will turn on CCFL lamp when 12V DC is present on P1 and P2 (P3 and P4 ground).
Connecting LED driver (MS610UB) to 121PW111-B’s inverter wire harness is quiet easy. Just simply cut off all 5 wires on CN1, and then connect P1 and P2 to Red wire, P3 and P4 to Black wire. That is it! No technical skill require, no soldering require, anyone can do it!
LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours (last 10X longer than CCFL). Being solid state devices, LED will perform exactly as when they were manufactured as opposed to CCFL which loose light output continuously over their life – up to 50%.

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