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Posted by Benson on 4/16/2019 to Instructions
MS610UB-V2. This LED driver is Designed for 12.1 inch or smaller LCD screens that original equipped with CCFL lamps or their manufacture’s LED strip. It depends on the type of LCD screens. The output voltage is up to 80V DC with 10 Watt.
How to connect MS610UB to the existing inverter wire harness:
There two 6 pin connectors on MS610UB (CN1 and CN3). They both have the same pin out (Printed on components side). Pin1/Pin2=VIN (+12V ~ 24V DC). P3/P5=GND (Power Ground). P4=ADJ (Brightness adjustment, N/C no connection), P6=ENA (On/Off). You will find all these DC voltage from your existing inverter wire harness and apply to MS610UB
How to disable Enable ENA
For +12V DC supply:
Just simply add solder on JP5. That is it!
For +24V DC supply:
Shorted JP5 and JP6. That is it!

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