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VersaView 1500W, CAT 6180W-15BPXPH

Posted by Benson on 7/12/2017 to Instructions
Are you tired of constantly replacing CCFL backlight lamp again, again and again? When the situation has no time for downtime. Allen Bradley VersaView 1500W, CAT 6180W-15BPXPH, one of the most popular LCD screen in an industrial control application. This 15 inch Allen Bradley VersaView 1500W, CAT 6180W-15BPXPH is originally equipped with dual CCFL backlight lamps. To extend its life and improving its performance, upgraded to UB Series LED backlight is an only option.
LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours (last 10X longer than CCFL). Being solid state devices, LED will perform exactly as when they were manufactured as opposed to CCFL which loose light output continuously over their life – up to 50%.
Available replacement parts and LED Upgrade kit for VersaVew 1500W, CAT. 6180W-15BPXPH are listed below.

Step1: Removed Display assembly from Computer as show on below photo:

Step 2: Remove LCD screen from Display Assembly. VersaView 1500W is using AUO M150XN05 (Could be either version 3 or version 6, both versions have the same structure). Due to the structure of M150XN05, you have to disassemble everything. To remove light guiding glass, first, you need to remove CCFL reflector top and bottom, and then you can take it out. Please watch youtube instruction below before start to disassemble M150XN05
Step 3: Mounted MS456UB LED driver as show on photo below. Our LED upgrade kit included a wire adapter, so you can plug in your existing 5 pin inverter connect to the wire adapter. That is it! No soldering requires! Anyone can do it!

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