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Posted by Benson on 9/25/2019 to Sunlight Readable LCD
New MS104RSBDF931D2 is a direct replacement for 10.4 inch LCD screens that are originally equipped with its manufactures CCFL lamps mounted on one side. With our proprietary LED upgrade kit installed. It is so bright that the contents on display visible under strong sunlight(1200 nits). 90 days warranty
To fire up LED backlight strip, all you need to do it apply +12V (+12V to + 24V DC) to Red wires and Negative (Ground) to Black wires on MS610UB. That’s it. It is easy to install! No technical skills required! Anyone can do it!
MS104RSBDF931D2 has the same interface connector, dimension and screw hole as the LCD screens that listed below.
MS104RSBDF931D2 included the following items:
10.4 inch New LCD screen, upgraded to SB series LED kit, Resolution: 640X480
MS610UB LED driver
6 pin pigtail connector
Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models:
Manufacture Size LCD Screen
Faunc 10.4" A02B-0265-C071 
Faunc 10.4" A02B-0281-D082
Faunc 10.4" A61L-0001-0163
Faunc 10.4" A61L-0001-0168
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-49
Sharp 10.4" LM64C350
Sharp 10.4" LQ10D36A
Sharp 10.4" LQ10D367
Sharp 10.4" LQ10D368

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